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Help the Wildcat WMA Clear the final hurdle

The Montana Land Board has the chance to approve the final acquisition of the Wildcat Wildlife Management Area.

We're on the verge of adding 328 acres of new public lands along the Lower Yellowstone River! Just outside Forsyth, the Wildcat Wildlife Management Area will open up 2.2 miles of riverfront for hiking, hunting, fishing, boating, and wildlife watching.

There's just one hurdle left: a vote by the Montana Land Board on Nov. 20.

Before that vote, it's important that we all let the Land Board know how much we support this project, and how important it is to invest in the future of Eastern Montana. The Wildcat WMA will improve public access, conserve important habitat, and be an economic boost for Eastern Montana.

You can email the Land Board and encourage members to support the Wildcat WMA project at!

Governor Greg Gianforte, who chairs the Montana Land Board, helped secure the $4 million in state funding that would help pay for the Wildcat WMA.

The Wildcat WMA would be a key step towards securing more investments in Eastern Montana, some of which are currently being explored. These investments would help strengthen our communities, support local businesses, and enhance the outdoor way of life that makes Eastern Montana so special.

The Land Board will vote on November 20. Please email the board before then at and encourage members to support the Wildcat Wildlife Management Area.


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